oh brother

We have been floating around the first two weeks of the month in Maine, now Wisconsin, in our tin can. Two pugs in tow. I have deleted every post on this site because I don’t know how to just edit the things. You would think I would learn or have my techno-nerd wife teach me, but I am unteachable in that department. So I just fuck around, trial and error.

I have so much to be grateful for-I am constantly reminding myself that I am lucky to be alive at this very moment, in love, healthy. I find, though, that I have to tell myself that my life has these graceful, sweet elements to it, because my alcoholic brain likes to come from a place of lack. It just does.

This is what I learned this past year…

  1. My life is at least 2/3 over, so I better do something that makes me happy.
  2. Love can shrink tumors
  3. Compare and despair
  4. I am not at all who I think I am
  5. God is real





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